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The proper functioning of your plumbing systems and fixtures is important. When they fall into disrepair, it's crucial to call an experienced, fully licensed and insured plumber - otherwise you could be leaving yourself vulnerable to a black hole of never ending problems. 


Oceania Plumbing offers a wide variety of services to cover all your plumbing needs. Whether it’s a large or small project, we’ve got you covered. Read about our different services below.



Let's be honest.. who wants to spend their hard earned cash on a plumber when they could put it towards a fancy holiday or a new car? 
But the reality is, if you ignore what you perceive as a minor issue, it could end up costing you thousands in building repairs if it ends up flooding your home.
Emergency call-outs are expensive, so my advice is to be proactive and nip these problems in the bud.
Examples of the repairs we do:
* Dripping taps.
* Leaking toilets.
* Garden hose taps.
* Leak detection.
* Burst water pipes.
* Hot water heater repairs.
* Restoring hot water.

Plumber Fixing Sink
Pot on Gas Burner


Due to the rising cost of electricity, many of my customers are converting to gas.  

Whether it be preparing your home for gas supply, diagnosing a problem with your current gas appliances or installing an upgrade, with 18 years experience working with LPG and natural gas you are in safe hands with Oceania Plumbing.

Examples of gas work we do:

* Gas cooker installations and repairs.

* Instantaneous water heater installations and repairs.

* Gas storage hot water heaters installations and repairs.

* New installation work for gas supply.

* Gas leak detection.

* Gas compliance certificates.


Renovating your home is exciting, nerve-wracking, stressful.. and expensive. I understand the pressure to cut costs, however having big-ticket items installed by a skilled professional is crucial to longevity AND the manufacturers warranty. Examples of what we can help you with:
* Gas appliances.
* Washing machines.
* Dishwashers.
* Hot water units.
* Bathroom renovations.
* Kitchen renovations.
* New mixer taps.
* En-suites.
* Water connection to fridges

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It's a requirement that backflow valves and TMVs are tested annually. Backflow valves need to be tested in order to protect drinking water and TMVs need to be tested to ensure you don't get scalded by the hot water coming out of your tap. We can help you with this by:
* Doing an annual backflow test.
* Lodging the relevant forms with authorities.  
* Fault-finding.
* Installation of new backflow valves and TMVs.

I can do all of this and much, much more. Got a plumbing problem? Get in touch today.

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